Ansel Herz is an investigative journalist with eight years of experience.

I’m on the left:

My work has been published by ABC News, The Nation magazine, Inter-Press Service and Seattle’s The Stranger, among other outlets, and I’ve appeared on CNN and Democracy Now! to discuss my reporting.

What are some of your most consequential stories?

A handful from Haiti:

And from the Seattle area:

Let me see your resume.

Here you go.

How does one contact you?

Send me story ideas, tips, feedback, etc.
Twitter: @ansel

If you’re a whistleblower, considering e-mailing me at this address. Use my PGP fingerprint: 12ED 9001 0317 1E33 AC86 1187 B5AA 127E BBB6 B1C3. I’m on Signal at 206-841-8186. Hope to hear from you.

Where’s your old blog?

Still right here.