My name is Ansel Herz. (Ansel, after Ansel Adams, the photographer. Herz: Heart in German.)

I’m a reporter.

What do you write about?

I write about farmworkers on strike, police union contracts, concerns about racial bias in crime “forecasts”, discriminatory laws, terrible lawmakers… too many issues and subjects to list.

I see ordinary people – especially poor people and people of color – constantly ground up by powerful actors and institutions. (The planet is taking a beating, too.) I write stories with the hope of reducing harm and making systems better.

You went to Haiti?

I reported from Haiti as a freelancer from 2009 to 2011. I arrived before the catastrophic January 10, 2010 earthquake and lived through it.

I’m on the left in red, filming a demonstration:

ansel herz gun

Some of the major stories I broke in Haiti concerned the United Nations “peacekeeping” force. The guy with the gun was a part of that mission.

One story, published by ABC News, showed that a young man was sexually abused by U.N. soldiers in a coastal town. The president of Uruguay apologized and the soldiers were eventually sent home.

Former President Bill Clinton became the first U.N. official to admit that the peacekeepers had introduced a cholera epidemic to Haiti, after I questioned him about it at a press conference.

I initiated a partnership between WikiLeaks and The Nation magazine and Haiti Liberte to publish a series of stories based on the cache of State Department cables from the Port-au-Prince embassy.

While in Haiti, I appeared on Democracy Now! and other broadcast outlets and produced video for Agence France Presse and PBS NewsHour.

Let me see your resume already.

Ta da.

How can I contact you?

Send me story ideas, tips, feedback, etc.
E-mail: ansel.herz@gmail.com
Twitter: @ansel

If you’re a whistleblower, considering e-mailing me at this address. Use my PGP fingerprint: 12ED 9001 0317 1E33 AC86 1187 B5AA 127E BBB6 B1C3. Hope to hear from you.

Where’d your old blog go?

Still right here.